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Freelancer Packages


If you are ready to take the reins and leave the constraints of the traditional nine to five, look no further than our exclusive freelancer packages.

Imagine being self employed, legally working under your own trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), or launching that side hustle you've been dreaming of.


Once you decide to pursue it, you're just steps away from making it a reality.


If you need a UAE residence visa too, we’ve got you covered. Our tailor-made freelancer packages uniquely offer you the opportunity to seize control of your UAE residence visa with ease. They are also perfect for digital nomads craving a taste of Abu Dhabi’s vibrant expat lifestyle while continuing to work remotely.


What’s stopping you? Experience the freedom you deserve with our freelancer visa and license packages.  Get started today with our super easy online setup process.

start your side hustle in abu dhabi

Professionals. Consultants. Creatives. Become your own boss in Abu Dhabi. Legally work independently or start your side hustle in Abu Dhabi with your very own DED-issued economic license.

start your own side hustle in abu dhabi

Digital nomads, professionals, consultants and creatives, experience Abu Dhabi's rich culture and vibrant expat lifestyle, with your own DED-issued license & two-year visa.

Discover our complete collection of
freelancer packages in Abu Dhabi.

    How Gateway Group's exclusive freelancer business setup services


    freelance trade license abu dhabi

    Your life, your choice.

    Our ready-made freelancer packages offer a choice of 'license only' and comprehensive packages including a two-year Abu Dhabi residence visa.

    ded freelance license abu dhabi freelancer visa

    Smooth licenses & visas.

    Choose your freelancer package, purchase it online, upload your documents to our secure portal, and let our proficient business setup team handle the rest. 

    freelancer visa and license packages online abu dhabi

    Easy decision-making.

    Simply choose the freelancer package which aligns with your specialist skills and expertise.

    ded freelance license packages online

    Save time, buy online.

    Our ready-made freelancer packages eliminate the delays of scheduling appointments and waiting for quotes. Get started straight away!

    Easy business setup in Abu Dhabi

    Easy business setup.

    Easily upload your documents to our user-friendly cloud platform, which guides you step-by-step. Then relax and let our Abu Dhabi license and visa specialists take care of the rest.

    Gateway Group logo branding

    Trusted brand

    Honesty, trust and integrity are at the core of everything we do. It's why we're recommended by Abu Dhabi government, law firms and embassies for company formation.

    Get the complete information for your
    Abu Dhabi freelancer license and visa

    Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

    No. I'm going to stay in the corporate 9-to-5, thanks.

    have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur exclusive freelancer packages Abu Dhabi
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