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Ramadan Permits Needed for Restaurants And Café's In Abu Dhabi

30th April 2019

Ramadan permits will be needed for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and any other food and beverage outlet wanting to sell food and drinks during daylight hours in Abu Dhabi during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Why are Ramadan Permits Necessary?

As Muslims fast during daylight hours throughout Ramadan, it is forbidden for anyone not fasting to eat or drink in public. For restaurants and cafes to continue to serve food during the daytime, they are required to have a Ramadan permit. Inspections are carried out, so be sure to have this arranged if your food and beverage business intends to serve in the daytime during Ramadan.

What are the requirements for a obtaining a Ramadan Permit?

Each location and premises must obtain a specific Ramadan Permit. All designated eating areas must be concealed from the public, e.g. glass tinting or blinds must be fixed or drapes erected. Display adequate signs requesting the visitors to avoid eating, drinking and smoking in public places during daylight hours.

What happens to a restaurant or café serving without a Ramadan Permit?

Serving food and drink during the daytime during Ramadan without the official Ramadan Permit will see heavy fines and closure to the business.

How to arrange your Ramadan Permit

For assistance to arrange your Ramadan Permit, email Gateway:

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is when Muslims exercise self control, discipline and fasting during day light hours for a month. The hardship of fasting during daylight hours is intended to help Muslims empathize with the poor and appreciate all that they have. It is also a time that Muslims celebrate with family and friends and give to the community.

When will Ramadan be in 2019?

Ramadan timings are based upon the siting of the moon. It lasts for either 29 or 30 days. For 2019 in the UAE, Ramadan is expected to commence on Sunday 5th or Monday 6th May. Check the local media to confirm when Ramadan has been officially called. It often varies from country to country.

The UAE government has already announced that Eid Al Fitr holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan will be a week-long Public Holiday in the UAE from Monday 5th June for six days.

Ramadan Kareem from the Gateway Team!

Written by Nathan Hunt, Senior Managing Partner

Gateway Group of Companies, Abu Dhabi & Dubai UAE


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