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Business As Usual In Abu Dhabi During Ramadan (well almost)

Updated 4th February 2024

In the lead up to Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, there's an increasing sense of urgency in the air. Suddenly, every deadline has the unspoken rule - get it done "before Ramadan". It's like the whole city's on a mission before the holy month kicks in.

How does Ramadan affect business in Abu Dhabi?

Ramadan working hours

Working hours during Ramadan reduce by two hours per day in Abu Dhabi. This is a legal requirement and applies to everyone, whether Muslim or not. Businesses adapt their usual operating hours around the Holy Month to accommodate this. Typically, the public sector, Ministries and government departments, operate between 9am-2pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-11:30am on Fridays; and many private sector offices adjust their working hours to 9am-3pm.

Plan your Ramadan meetings wisely

Plan your meetings smartly. Aim for brief and focused sessions, especially in the mornings when your Muslim colleagues and business contacts are more alert. Fasting and the change in routine during Ramadan, may cause tiredness, irritability and dizziness, so approach discussions with patience. If you usually meet up for morning coffee or a business lunch, an evening Iftar could be a suitable alternative, which are in abundance across Abu Dhabi.

Utilizing time efficiently

Contrary to the belief that Ramadan hinders productivity, it's actually an ideal time for catching up on administrative tasks. Some individuals choose to leave Abu Dhabi and travel at this time, which creates a slightly quieter business environment. It's a chance to get things done efficiently in a more serene environment. At Gateway Group we seize this opportunity, often experiencing that this slight lull actually facilitates the faster processing of applications through some government departments, making it a good time to start the company formation process in Abu Dhabi.

Emphasize relationship-building during Ramadan

This is also a great time for networking and building relationships. Majlis open up across the city providing the opportunity to meet and network with key figures that might not be in your usual circle of contacts.

Ramadan is a special time to be working in Abu Dhabi. It provides a chance to show your respect to and understanding of the culture, which will be appreciated by your Muslim business partners and colleagues, and may help with the positioning of your company, forging long-term relationships with your clients.

In conclusion, contrary to the misconception that business comes to a standstill during Ramadan, Abu Dhabi continues its operations, albeit with reduced working hours. This makes it an ideal time to start the process of setting up your company in Abu Dhabi.

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First published on 30th May 2016.

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Written by Jenny Hunt

Founder, Gateway Group, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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