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Gateway Group Awarded Best Enterprise For Company Formation In The UAE

3rd April 2017

Gateway Group has been recognized as one of the ‘Best Enterprises’ in the field of company formation in the UAE by The Socrates Committee.

Every year, the International Socrates Award Nomination Committee analyse the relevant business information from the previous year and honour the prominent regional companies and CEOs who have demonstrated success on a regional level. The best regional business people are selected based on research carried out by the European Business Assembly (EBA) analytic centre. Their research is based on data collected from national and international certification bodies, regional and national associations, congresses, forums exhibitions, industry and regional media.

Best company formation in the UAE

According to the International Socrates Award Nomination Committee, Gateway Group is known regionally for The quality of its services it provides, and was evaluated by the Nomination Council. The Council recommended the company for 'Best Enterprise' award due to Gateway's strong position in the national market, its business reputation, positive regional image, investment attractiveness and competitiveness.

Gateway Group is held in high international esteem for its performance and effectiveness, vision and leadership, innovation, creativity, professionalism, exceptional managerial skills, business ethics and corporate social responsibility in 2016, and as such, Jenny Hunt, CEO, has been awarded the title of 'Manager of the Year'. This award recognizes CEOs, company owners and top level managers who have contributed to the success of their companies through advancing best management practice, and delivering high quality services for employees and customers.

The awards were issued at the Institute of Directors in London, UK on 28th March 2017. Unfortunately, Jenny Hunt was unable to attend to receive the awards in person, but was delighted to receive them in absentia: "It is a huge honour to receive such a recognition. I am truly grateful. I am fortunate to work with amazing people who each contribute to the success of Gateway Group and thus the nomination for this award and its subsequent delivery. Huge thanks to everyone that we work with and also to our clients who trust us to deliver their business setup, local sponsorship and visa processing requirements in Abu Dhabi."

Gateway Group award for Best Enterprise for Company Formation in the UAE and Jenny Hunt name Manager of the Year
Gateway Group Awarded Best Enterprise For Company Formation In The UAE

The EBA is an independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration. It promotes transformation of state of the art experience and economic practices, establishment of economic, education, cultural and scientific ties, creation of national business elites. The purpose of the Socrates Awards is ongoing promotion of the world elite, who through their hard work and exceptional business sense, support an exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the international community in the areas such as economics, politics, education and culture. EBA International prizes and awards are official signs of recognition, registered at the British Patent Office.

Written by Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO

Gateway Group, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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