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Gateway Group CEO, Jenny Hunt, honoured with World Women Leadership Achievement Award

23rd February 2016

Gateway Group's CEO, Jenny Hunt, was honoured at the 3rd World Women Leadership Congress & Awards (WWLCA) 2016 in Mumbai, India, with a a World Women Leadership Achievement Award.

The objective of the WWLCA is to identify and celebrate the outstanding leadership and achievements demonstrated by Women leaders who are reflected by their distinct innovations and initiatives brought in by them in various private & public sectors and philanthropists. The Award is conferred to the "Outstanding Women Professionals who have the vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate their excellent leadership and management skills in an organization / Institutions, making changes and achieving results".

Upon receiving the award, Jenny Hunt commented: "It is such an honour to receive this award and to participate in this programme designed to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. The event is full of inspiring females across a variety of sectors who have overcome struggles, found solutions and carved their way in the business world, both in national / multi national corporations and as entrepreneurs following their passions. The most interesting element for me, is that in day celebrating women, so many men are in the audience; which is important, because women can't make changes alone, we need to be communicating our needs and ideas with men effectively so that we can all make change efficiently, together."

In addition to receiving an award, Jenny Hunt also chaired a panel discussion entitled "Women Leaders Managing Change With Audacity, Confidence And Adaptability” where she lead a lively discussion about the factors driving women to make change; the typical personality traits of such women; the hurdles faced when managing change; and, the overall outcome and whether it always met expectations.

Jenny Hunt panel moderator WWLCA India
Jenny Hunt chairs panel discussion at WWLCA 2016 in Mumbai, India

Images courtesy of: WWLCA

Written by Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO,

Gateway Group Of Companies, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE


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