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Live Your Best Life Enjoying Your Never Ending Vacation With Dubai's Retirement Visa

12th August 2022

Retirement planning enables you to live your best life and make all of the things that you have always wanted to do, but never had the time, a reality.

Retirement means different things to everyone and maximizing it requires up-front planning. Have you thought about your own retirement yet? What is important to you? What do you want to do? Where do you want to live?

For some people it all about having the chance to spend more time with their family. Whilst others want to travel, learn new skills (perhaps an instrument, a new language or flower arranging), volunteer in community projects, do sports etc...

There are practical considerations too:

  1. What is your financial situation? Will you have enough money to retire and how long will it last?

  2. What is the state of your health? Are you active and in good health or do you have specialist healthcare needs?

For those who are fortunate to be financially stable, the flexibility and options are far greater. The dream of enjoying a never-ending vacation can be a reality.

10 Reasons Dubai is a good retirement destination

  1. Cost of living - the UAE ranks 35th on Numbeo's Cost of Living Index by Country 2022 Mid-Year so if you are living in the US, UK, Canada, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong or any of the other top 34 countries, you will find the cost of living cheaper in the UAE.

  2. Tax free (no personal income tax) - Retirees earning a state pension in their home country are likely going to be paying tax on those earnings there; however, for example: for UK individuals retiring in Dubai, it is possible to have their state pension without paying the tax in the UK. (Disclaimer: we are not tax consultants and this is not tax advice. We advise anyone to seek professional, international tax consultations for their specific circumstances.)

  3. World class healthcare - all UAE expat residents are required to have health insurance as they are not entitled to access the UAE's free national healthcare system. The private healthcare available in the UAE is world class with top brands represented, including: Kings College Hospital London, Dubai, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai and Johns Hopkins Medicine at CMC Dubai.

  4. Quality of living - Dubai offers convenience. Home services and deliveries are in abundance. Dubai's recreational scene is lively and ever-evolving, think top hotels and restaurants, Dubai Opera, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, social groups, sports clubs and numerous cultural attractions to enjoy. For the more active, simply choose your sport! Whether its out on the water, early morning tee-offs on the golf course, tennis or hiking, these, and lots of other sports are extremely well catered for, giving you the chance to enjoy alone, as a couple or join into an existing group or league.

  5. Safety - It's a safe place to be! Dubai currently ranks 8th out of 453 destinations globally for safety in Numbeo's Safety Index by City 2022 Mid-Year.

  6. Modern Infrastructure - Not only does Dubai have a marvelling array of apartments and villas to choose from, but it boasts large, modern road networks making it relatively easy to get around the city. It was also a trailblaizer in the rollout of its 5G mobile network, so keeping in touch with friends and family overseas is super easy.

  7. Location - Dubai is a travel hub centered where East meets West. This makes it easy for friends and family to visit you. It also opens up the world for those who want to travel and explore. Destinations like Oman, Jordan, Georgia and India are within four hours flight time - they are practically on your doorstep!

  8. Multi-cultural - Over 200 nationalities live in the UAE and as Dubai boasts the largest population of the seven Emirates, it's pretty safe to guess that around 200 different nationalities reside there too. Tolerance is proudly promoted and cultural diversity is reflected throughout Dubai, especially through food and art. It provides a great opportunity to learn about and experience different cultures.

  9. Warm climate, year-round - Ideal for anyone wanting to escape the cold. Be aware that the summer temperatures can reach the high 40s, but air conditioning is everywhere, so it's only necessary to endure the heat if you choose to be outside.

  10. English is widely spoken - Road signs are in Arabic and English. Official documentation is in Arabic and English (and often other languages too). Shops and attractions provide their information in English, so don't worry if you can't speak Arabic (although it will be a great opportunity to have a go). Given such a diverse population, it's also easy to find your others from your native community and speak freely in your mother tongue.

What is the criteria for a Dubai Retirement Visa?

  • Open to retirees over 55 years of age

  • Applicants should provide proof of financial means by meeting one of the following criteria:

    • UAE property investment worth AED2 million or more

    • Savings of AED1 million or more

    • Active income of at least AED20,000 per month

What are the benefits of a Dubai Retirement Visa?

  • Valid for five years. Renewable, providing the retiree continues to meet the criteria.

  • No local sponsor required.

  • Ability to bring your spouse and dependents, whose visas will be valid for the same period.

How much does Dubai's retirement visa cost?

The visa costs just over US$1,000 at AED3,714.75.

Is Dubai somewhere you would retire? Or, if you are already an expat living in Dubai, will you stay on for your retirement now that this is an option?

Request a call back to for Gateway Group to help with your Dubai retirement visa. Click the button now!

Gateway Group Of Companies

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Founded and headed up by British husband and wife team, Nathan and Jenny Hunt, Gateway operates with it's core values at heart: Honesty. Trust. Integrity. We do what's in the best interests of our clients rather than what's best for our bottom line. After all, we are just like our clients - we've invested our own money into our business licenses, so we fully appreciate what a big investment a commercial license is. We believe this uniquely positions us to provide our services with understanding and empathy.

From our own first-hand experience and knowledge, generated from living and working in the UAE, as well as setting up companies and building relationships here, we are able to offer unique insight and guidance to help our clients successfully step into the market and do business in the UAE.

We value long-term relationships and our incredible client retention is one of our strongest assets, which is extremely rare in our industry.

Founding Partner, Jenny Hunt, has been setting up businesses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for over 10 years and is ranked in FORBES' Top 100 Most Influential Women In The Middle East!

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Written by: Jenny Hunt

Founder, Gateway Group, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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