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How To Travel Back To Dubai - Latest Rules For UAE Residents

14th June 2020

If you are a UAE resident who has been stranded overseas due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, please find to follow the latest rules for returning to Dubai.

Firstly, residents need to apply for a Resident Entry Permit with the Federal Authority For Identity & Citizenship - it's free. Upon approval, the applicant can book their flight to the UAE. Priority is being given to first degree resident relatives; vital professionals in the healthcare sector; energy sector; telecommunications sector; business & economic activities sector and other vital sectors associated with the Restoration of Life Promotion programme. Please be aware that there are currently delays with the verification process due to huge number of applications.

All returning residents must download the app COVID 19 DXB.

Upon arrival at Dubai airport, all travellers will be screened for COVID-19.

14 Days Quarentine Upon Returning To Dubai

There are two options for quarantine: Home Quarantine and Hotel Quarantine. Hotel quarantine is mandatory if the traveller is unable to meet the home quarantine criteria.

Home Quarantine

  • Travellers must not be displaying symptoms of the virus

  • Travellers must have a separate room and a private bathroom

  • No other household members fall within the high risk category

  • First aid kit, including thermometer, will be provided and travellers must regularly check their temperature

  • Travellers must organize their own transport from the airport to their home

  • Travellers must adhere to the instruction in the COVID 19 DXB app

  • Travellers must wear a surgical mask at all times, changing it frequently

  • Travellers must cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing and place used tissues into a bin immediately and wash their hands

  • Surface is shared areas must be cleaned daily

  • Traveller's laundry must be washed separately

Hotel Quarantine

  • Travellers must book a hotel for the 14 day quarantine period

  • Transport will be provided from the airport to the quarantine hotel

  • Travellers must not leave their hotel room during the 14 day quarantine period

  • Travellers will be required to clean their rooms

  • A tele-doctor will be available at all times through the COVID 19 DXB app

  • Travellers should inform the hotel if their conditions change and the hotel will inform the Dubai Health Authority and take the necessary action

  • Travellers are required to wear face mask and gloves in all public areas

  • Travellers must check out of the hotel after 14 days

Written by Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO

Gateway Group of Companies, Abu Dhabi & Dubai UAE


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