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Gateway Group Celebrates First Father to Enjoy Benefits of Innovative Paternity Leave Policy in UAE

29th February 2024



Gateway Group’s first father in UAE enjoys three months fully-paid paternity leave


ABU DHABI, 29th February 2024 / -- Gateway Group, a leading company formation specialist in Abu Dhabi, proudly announces its Finance Master, Raja Wajahat, as its first male employee to avail himself of the company's pioneering paternity leave policy, enjoying three months of fully paid leave to bond with his newborn son, Zayan.


Born on 29th December 2023 in Pakistan, a month ahead of schedule, baby Zayan and his mother are in good health, and Gateway Group's generous paternity policy allowed Raja to travel to his home country to support his family during this critical time.


While the standard paternity leave in the UAE stands at just five working days, Gateway Group's forward-thinking approach introduced its comprehensive paternity leave policy in 2021, matching its maternity leave policy to provide equal benefits for male and female employees and emphasizing the company’s supportive culture and it’s commitment to it’s employees’ wellbeing and recognizing the importance of work-life balance for all employees.


Expressing his gratitude, Raja Wajahat stated, "I am deeply appreciative of Gateway Group's commitment to its employees' well-being. This extended paternity leave has allowed me to fully engage in the precious early moments of my son's life and provide support to my family."

Nathan Hunt, CEO of Gateway Group, reiterated the company's dedication to creating a positive and fair work environment, saying, "Our employees are our most valuable asset, and by prioritizing their welfare, we create a mutually beneficial relationship. Our retention rate speaks volumes as we have never lost a member of staff."


Gateway Group extends heartfelt congratulations to Raja and the Wajahat family on the arrival of baby Zayan and remains committed to exceeding legal requirements with policies that enhance the workplace experience.


Gateway Group is the specialist in Abu Dhabi company formation services helping companies to obtain the necessary trade licenses to legally operate in the United Arab Emirates since 2014. Recommended by the Abu Dhabi Government’s as a trusted business setup provider, Gateway Group is now transforming how businesses are established in Abu Dhabi by simplifying the process and offering unique business setup packages for freelancers, which can be conveniently purchased online. For more information about the Gateway Group, visit the company's official website:



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Gateway Group Celebrates First Father to Enjoy Benefits of Innovative Paternity Policy 3 months fully paid

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Gateway Group produces easy access business licensing information and provides trusted, well-communicated company formation services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Founded in 2014, Gateway Group’s vision is to be the go-to business setup provider in the UAE by simplifying the company formation process. For more information about Gateway Group, visit:


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