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Business Setup: The Best Way To Get The Trade License You Need

7th April 2022 (Updated where indicated.)

Which trade licence to get in Abu Dhabi or Dubai can be confusing. This isn't helped by the hundreds of companies offering business setup services and 'selling' the licence type that earns THEM the most commission or revenue rather than what YOU, their customer, needs.

Why business setup is difficult in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Further confusion arises when published information is conflicting, licence requirements get updated, new licences get launched, and everyone shares their own personal experiences in Facebook groups (which can be a mix of accurate, irrelevant and totally wrong information).

It’s not surprising that searching for the cheapest option, just so that you have a trade licence, is tempting.

At the Gateway Group Of Companies we take a different approach. We start by understanding your current situation and what you are wanting to do now, as well as what you are wanting to achieve in the longer term. We can then guide you to the most appropriate license for YOUR individual circumstances.

Our approach: we help you to understand, rather than to confuse you. We'll get you the best license for YOU and that is why our hashtag is #ReassuringlyHonest because it represents our core values of: Honesty. Trust. Integrity.

We are a family business, not a bunch of sales people with targets to reach each month. Established and managed by a British husband and wife duo, Jenny Hunt and Nathan Hunt, we're just like you. We've invested our personal funds to setup each of our businesses and trade licenses, so we totally understand the commitment of starting a business overseas.

We empathize with your anxieties of the unknown. Like you, we want the confidence of being legally compliant and having trustworthy partners, on-the-ground, for local support.

The great news is we've done the groundwork - tested and verified the process. Consequently, we're the best-suited team to establish your Abu Dhabi company, or new business in Dubai, in the most appropriate manner.

To get the best business licence in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for YOU, choose Gateway Group - after all, we are just like you. Of the business setup companies in Abu Dhabi, Gateway Group is the trust brand, recommended by international law firms, business groups, and trade and investment departments of foreign embassies.

Updated 6th September 2023

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Written by Jenny Hunt

Founder, Gateway Group, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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