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PODCAST: Powerful Women Jenny Hunt – listed in Forbes Top 100 Women Influencers in the Middle East

8th February 2020

Gateway Group's Founder & CEO, Jenny Hunt, was recently invited to be interviewed by Narmina Abdolova for the Powerful Women Podcast in Sweden. The podcast interviews powerful women with the intention of inspiring young women.

Discover Jenny Hunt's Powerful Women Podcast Episode

1) Jenny Hunt's journey from the UK to the UAE

2) Love - does it have a place in business?

3) Business - how to start a business as a women in the UAE

Jenny Hunt CEO Gateway Group and Narmina Abdolova chat about female founds and love in business on the Powerful Women Podcast
Jenny Hunt and Narmina Abdolova on the Powerful Women Podcast

About the Powerful Women podcast

The Powerful Women podcast is one of the biggest podcasts in Sweden. It interviews the most mighty women in Sweden to inspire, motivate and increase women’s self-confidence. Our female role models tell us about their stories, experiences, knowledge and setbacks. The Powerful Women podcast is going global interviewing the most powerful and influential women all over the world. The aim of the podcast is to build a global sisterhood by publishing inspirational stories through the podcast.

Jenny Hunt Gateway Group Abu Dhabi business owner company formation specialist subject matter expert powerful women podcast interview
Jenny Hunt is a guest on Sweden's Powerful Women Podcast

Jenny Hunt, Founder, Gateway Group Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FORBES' Top 100 Most Influential Women in the Middle East

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What Makes Gateway Group Stand Out

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