Visas & Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi

Visa for foreign companies in Abu Dhabi

Visas & Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi Means Pre-Clearance of Key People

Bring in a big operation into Abu Dhabi, and you’re going to need people to run it. But just because your company is present and established doesn’t mean the individuals themselves are allowed entry. The expat approval process has to go through a visa, health insurance proof validation and Emirates ID card creation process. Without these criteria in place, your employee or contractor is not going to be let in the country to do anything. Anticipating what is needed and when can be a big challenge, especially for an outfit that is new to the environment and unfamiliar with all the immigration loopholes. Gate Way Commercial has the visas & Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi process squared in detail. We can help you get the key people you need for your United Arab Emirates operations cleared smoothly, with all the necessary paperwork, producing a startup project in short time instead of being buried in immigration delays.
Getting Approvals on Visa for Foreign Companies in Abu Dhabi
Every company bringing in outside help and staff are going to need a visa for each individual expected to work and live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Not paying attention to this requirement can really hamstring a company when it is unable to get key personnel in-country or working at an offshore facility within the UAE jurisdiction boundaries. And relying on general human resource personnel to understand the intricacies of UAE immigration rules and requirements, especially when overseas, is not a good recipe for success. In fact, the lack of knowledge and expertise on what actually is required by Abu Dhabi authorities could mean months of delay. Gate Way Commercial provides you a partners well-versed on the local rules and compliance requirements for obtaining a visa for foreign companies in Abu Dhabi. With our help, your key people we be allowed smoothly without issue, their paperwork will be in compliance, and most importantly your company will be operating quickly as opposed to losing money being dead in the water waiting for bureaucracy to clear.