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VIDEO: Best Business License For Arts & Crafts In Abu Dhabi

7th July 2022

If you are an artist or crafter and wondering what the best trade license is for you in Abu Dhabi, then this video is for you. Gateway's CEO, Jenny Hunt, gives an overview of the licence options explaining in what scenarios they are most suitable.

So whether you are just starting to think about monetizing and selling your handmade creations; or, you are thinking big and visioning a full on retail space to commercialize your hobby and take it to the next level; this video explains the different licences to consider in Abu Dhabi, including: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Establishment, Tajer and Freelance.

Jenny Hunt, is herself a crafter, and has a side-business called Gateway Hand Crafted. In this video, she shares her own licensing journey for that business as an example.

Gateway Group - Why We Exist

The Gateway Group Of Companies helps organizations to mitigate the risks of getting licensed to do business in the UAE. We were established back in 2014 to provide no-nonsense, transparent and well communicated services, as a result of witnessing the troubles companies encountered during their company formation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Establishing a presence in the UAE doesn't need to be difficult, providing you engage the right expertise at the outset. We are just like you - we have invested our own money to establish our businesses in the UAE, so unlike a sales team, we understand and can empathize with the anxieties and risks of doing business overseas and the implications of making the wrong decisions. We are best positioned to provide, on-the-ground, practical advice from first hand experience. Hence, our services are designed to give you full control of your business, protect your assets and ensure you keep your profits. After all, this is exactly what we want for our own businesses too.

Our core values are Honesty, Trust & Integrity.

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Gateway Group Of Companies

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Written by Jenny Hunt

Founding Partner, Gateway Group, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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