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Are you doing business where people want to be?

8th March 2022

The Burj Khalifa is probably the most recognised landmark in Dubai and boasts being the tallest building in the world with over 160 floors.

Have you noticed that Dubai likes to do things bigger and better?

This is because it attracts visitors and ultimately investment.

Not that long ago, when foreign companies sent their employees to live and work in Dubai, it was considered a 'hardship' posting due to the lack of amenities and infrastructure. Imagine that!

But, in just 30 years, Dubai totally transformed itself into the super luxe destination that we are familiar with today, attracting: large multinational organizations and brands; millionaire and billionaire residents; and thousands of tourists.

Dubai has been careful to appeal to as many people as possible, e.g. its tourists include: honeymooners, families, thrill seekers, cruise passengers etc. as it offers a diverse variety of sightseeing and entertainment options.

Likewise, it attracts organizations from all kinds of sectors. Building upon its historical trading activities, and convenient location where East meets West, it is now home for manufacturing, emerging technologies, security, construction and of course tourism, amongst many, many more, and supporting industries providing world class healthcare, education, food and services.

It is far from being a 'hardship' destination now. Instead it is the place where people want to be meaning that companies can attract top talent! It is total transformation. The results speak for themselves.

Dubai is a story which keeps evolving. It aims to be No. 1. It stays relevant but it focuses on the future and is passionate about innovation and its next stage of transformation.

Are you doing business in the destination where people want to be? Have you thought about doing business in Dubai? Speak to us to find out more about setting up and doing business in Dubai.

Gateway Group Of Companies

The Gateway Group Of Companies helps organizations to mitigate the risks of getting licensed to do business in the UAE. We were established back in 2014 to provide no-nonsense, transparent and well communicated services, as a result of witnessing the troubles companies encountered when doing their company formation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Establishing a presence in the UAE doesn't need to be difficult, providing you engage the right expertise at the outset. We are just like you - we have invested our own money to establish our businesses in the UAE, so unlike a sales team, we understand and can empathize with the anxieties and risks of doing business overseas and the implications of making the wrong decisions. We are best positioned to provide, on-the-ground, practical advice from first hand experience. Hence, our services are designed to give you full control of your business, protect your assets and keep your profits. After all, this is exactly what we want for our own businesses too.

Our core values are Honesty, Trust & Integrity.

Request a call back to establish your business in the UAE and get your residence visas. Click the button opposite.

Gateway Group Of Companies

☎️ +971 600 567562


Written by Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & Strategic Advisor to the Gateway Group of Companies, Abu Dhabi & Dubai UAE

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