Oil & Gas in Abu Dhabi

Oil & Gas in Abu Dhabi Has Specific Compliance Requirements to Play

With over 92.2 billion barrels of oil in reserve, Abu Dhabi has a significant piece of the oil supply chain and related petroleum market. So, for companies want to work and partner with that supply chain, they will need to work with the Abu Dhabi government agency in charge of oil activity in the country, ADNOC. This agency oversees all aspects of oil supply market activity, including well siting, exploration, production, transport, storage, and export. Any company interested in having a business relationship with ADNOC as a contractor or subcontractor is going to have to be approved by the Supreme Petroleum Council as well as have obtained a trade license. Neither of these requirements are freely available and take quite a bit of processing to secure. Further, companies working with certain aspects of ADNOC operations are also expected to have In-County Value (ICV) certification as well. Gate Way Commercial is aware of all these requirements and regularly helps clients establish their paperwork properly with the right channels in Abu Dhabi. So for a proven partner in oil & gas in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Gate Way Commercial really should be in your top consideration for in-country United Arab Emirates entry.