Local Sponsor in Abu Dhabi

Meeting Local Sponsor in Abu Dhabi Requirement

Connecting in-country to Abu Dhabi as a business entity often runs into a road wall for those unfamiliar with business operation requirements. The fact is, any business looking to establish and office of presence in the country must have a local sponsor. This particular rule ensures that the foreign company has brokered a long-term investment in the country as opposed to just setting up a fly-by-night operation. Gate Way Commercial has helped multiple companies through this sponsorship process, connecting new entities with a local Emirati sponsor who is recognized and vetted with high credentials in-country. Partnering with our experts, your corporate governance documentation will be prepared correctly, and your company control will still be in your hands, a key factor when partnering with an in-country sponsor overseas. Your compliance will be sound and your operational market will be available quickly as opposed to being out of reach for years stuck in paperwork snafus. The Gate Way Group is your answer to sound, smooth establishment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.