Entrepreneur Workshop

Saturday 2nd November

10am - 12 noon

Abu Dhabi

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Get The Confidence

To Get Licensed

Gateway Group's management team are entrepreneurs like you.  We have invested our own money to set up a number of our own businesses.  We understand the passion & excitement driving you to set up yours.


We understand the fear of making the wrong decision. We've been there.  We also know that to make anything happen, you need to take action and stop procrastinating!


That is why we'll help you to choose the the right license for your business & long term goals. Our local sponsor services are designed to ensure you have full control of your business, protection of your assets and ensure you keep all of your profits. After all, this is exactly what we want for our own businesses too.


This means your focus can stay on building your dream rather than worrying about compliance.

Whats In It For You 


Find out about free zone licesnses.


Find out about onshore licenses.


Protect your business & profits if you need a local sponsor.


What to consider in addition to your business license.


Speak to professionals about your specific situation.


Get started on your license registration!

What Business Do You Want To Start Today?

Accounting & book keeping

Snack selling

Electrical contracting


Tailoring & Sewing

Real Estate


Landscape & Gardening


Architectural Engineering

Ready To Get Your Business License In Abu Dhabi?

If you are ready to take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey to get legal and licensed,

join our Entrepreneur Workshop on Saturday 2nd November, 10am - 2pm.

Pre-qualification is essential.

Request your pre-qualification questionnaire by clicking the button below.

Complete & return the questionnaire to us at least 48 hours before the event and we will confirm the location for you.